ADMEX SPN Series Positioners

There is no area left where positioners are not used in both industry and service sector. Positioners are used for positioning a workpiece or machine part by rotating or shifting in all areas that we can think of in industry.

Positioners have become technological products that have become a part of our daily lives, from MR, x-ray devices to test measurement units in the health sector, from coasters to simulators in the entertainment sector, from camera units in the media sector to visual effects.

Positioning of a radar tower, adjusting the angle of thermal solar panels to the sun, positioning units of smart and online guided weapon systems are examples of interesting uses of positioners.

Whether a positioner is used in the service sector or industry, to be defined as an industrial positioner, it must meet the following criteria:

– Servo is defined in use and has an absolute positioning repeatability, providing the desired position positioning accuracy in non-servo use,

– Positioning speed, acceleration and overflow capacity are clearly defined,

– Working life is certain,

– Absolutely meeting all the criteria for work safety,

ADMEX, the leading company of Turkey in positioner production, developed the modular positioner concept with an innovative approach. Each module of ADMEX can be connected directly or with an ADMEX brand apparatus and thus positioners with very different structures can be created. Just like lego.

For example, when a 500kg single axis positioner is added to another 1000kg positioner, a two axis positioner emerges. When these two are connected to a Z axis, a two-axis and Z-movable positioner is obtained. The restriction on the number of axes to be added is not in ADMEX products, but in the number of controllable axes. However, the maximum applicable number of positioner axes is usually 5.

All standard positioner structures can be produced using ADMEX standard positioner modules. You can find L-type biaxial, K-type and H-type triaxial, U-type biaxial and other standard positioners on our positioner page.

Below are a few examples of customer products created using ADMEX modules:

Image-1 A 5-axis positioner developed by the customer using ADMEX products for the production of Toyota forklifts.

Image-2 A vane is a 4-axis positioner indexed from the L-type and the other vane I-type main axis.

Image-3 A 3-axis positioner bearing 2 tons horizontally on both wings and indexed from the main axis.