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ADMEX Advanced Motion Experts

ADMEX Advanced Motion Experts is a company that develops and produces industrial products in the advanced technology class. The products of which design and production rights belong to Admex, including but not limited to four main headings: Positioners, sliders, gantry robots, CNC units. These products are machines that rotate or displace a workpiece, machine or robot from one position to another with precision in the order of one percent of a millimeter in robotic and CNC applications.

ADMEX is an organization that combines more than 20 years of industry experience. This experience has shown itself in a short time and ADMEX products have been preferred in many countries, especially Germany, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Australia, America, England. In summary, Admex exports over 90% of the technological products it develops and produces.

The users of Admex products are predominantly Robotics, Aerospace and Aerospace, Automotive, Machinery Industry, Paper Industry and other industrial fields.

The best indicator of ADMEX‘s engineering level is that robot manufacturers make projects all over the world using ADMEX products under their own brands.

ADMEX Advanced Motion Experts is not a robotic automation company. It does not make customer-specific automation projects, but develops a customer-specific product in its field of activity. Robotic automation companies are customers of ADMEX Advanced Motion Experts, just like robot manufacturers. If you want to make a turnkey project using ADMEX products, you can contact system integrators working with ADMEX.

Team ADMEX Advanced Motion Experts