ADMEX Gantry Systems

ADMEX Advanced Motion Experts is a company that develops and produces standardized and customer-specific Gantry Systems (gantry robot / cartesian robot).

We created our own standard Gantry Systems (gantry robot / cartesian robot) with the knowledge gained in product development, production and installation processes of ADMEX.

ADMEX Gantry Systems consists of Gantry Robot / Cartesian Robot series in 3 different structures: SGS Series Standard Gantry Robots, SGP Series Pillar Gantry Robots and SGB Series Bridge Gantry Robots.

  1. Basic Gantry System, SGS Series Standard Gantry Systems for Y-X-Z movements for robot weights from 300 kg to 2,500 kg.
  2. SGP Series Pillar Gantry Systems with X-Y-Z movement and rotation function on the column for robot weights up to 300 kg.
  3. SGB Series Bridge Gantry Series developed for long X stroke applications for robot weights up to 700 kg.

ADMEX Gantry Systems are designed for high performance, high quality and long lifetime.

ADMEX Gantry Systems is designed to work in harmony with all industrial robot brands. For example KUKA, FANUC, YASKAWA, ABB, OTC, COMAU, Kawasaki etc.

* If you specify which robot model you will use, the ADMEX team will assist you in selecting motors to achieve the best performance.

ADMEX Gantry Systems are mainly used in arc welding and part handling applications, but they are suitable gantry systems for any robotic application.

ADMEX Gantry Systems are available with a choice of XYZ, YZ or Z axes for up to 4 robots in a single gantry system.

ADMEX products are designed in harmony with each other, you can use other ADMEX products, Robot Positioners and Robot Linear Tracks (robot tracks / robot slider) in your production system.

ADMEX Gantry Systems can be used in a wide variety of industries including:

  • Automotive Industry (Oem, Tier1, Tier2)
  • Machinery Industry
  • Metalworking Industry
  • Yellow Goods Industry
  • Construction Equipment Industry
  • Stone and Concrete Industries
  • Plastic and Rubber Industries
  • Transport Industry
  • Defense Industry
  • Furniture Production Industry
  • Energy Industry
  • General Industries