ADMEX Robot Positioners

ADMEX Advanced Motion Experts is a company with advanced knowledge and experience in the development of robot positioners. All the know-how of ADMEX in the production and installation processes was also used exactly when we created our own family of standard robot positioners.

ADMEX standard positioners have many innovative features. The development of robot positioners in a modular concept maximizes flexibility and efficiency. In addition, thanks to its modular structure, superior quality can be offered at a more affordable cost.

In order to keep the quality high, the system of ADMEX Advanced Motion Experts is based on advanced ADMEX product design, sensitive production conditions, our robotic production processes, the standard products used are selected from the highest level products of world-leading suppliers, and all quality and working test controls are passed.

Robot Positioners range from 1 axis to 5 axes, in light and heavy duty versions, from 250 kg to 60,000 kg. Robot Positioners have several options to enable our customers to optimize “their” positioners based on their standards.

ADMEX Robot Positioners are designed for high performance, high quality and long lifetime.

ADMEX Robot Positioners have been developed to increase productivity and quality in robot applications.

ADMEX Robot Positioners can be adapted to any servo motor and servo control system.

ADMEX Robot Positioners can be delivered with or without servo motors, allowing customers to use their preferred brand of servo motors.

Just specify which robot model you will use and we will tell you which motor you should choose to achieve the best performance.

ADMEX Robot Positioners are mainly used in arc welding and CNC machining applications, but they are suitable robot positioners for any robotic application.

ADMEX products are designed to be compatible with each other, you can use other ADMEX products such as Gantry Systems and Robot Linear Tracks (robot tracks / robot slider) in your production system.

ADMEX Robot Positioners can be used in a wide variety of industries including:

  • Automotive Industry (Oem, Tier1, Tier2)
  • Machinery Industry
  • Metalworking Industry
  • Yellow Goods Industry
  • Construction Equipment Industry
  • Stone and Concrete Industries
  • Plastic and Rubber Industries
  • Transport Industry
  • Defense Industry
  • Furniture Production Industry
  • Energy Industry
  • General Industries