ADMEX SPN-K3 Series Robot Positioners

Our ADMEX SPN-K3 Robot Positioners are our positioners with 3 servo axes, two axes of which are the station axis that rotates the fixture / workpiece, and one axis is the index axis that enables transition between stations.
They are used with welding robots in welding applications in many sectors, especially in automotive and machine manufacturing.

The basic working principle of our K Type Positioner is as follows:

  • While the operator loads parts in one station, welding robots work in the other station;
  • When the robots are done, the stations are replaced by a 180-degree rotation of the index axis.
  • After the displacement, the operator unloads the finished part and loads a new part.
  • Robots continue to work on the new part that comes in front of them.
  • The aim is to run the robots with the least downtime and with the highest efficiency possible. For this reason, indexing times are very short.
spn k3 series

Station axes of the K3 positioner series can be in different capacities from 250kg to 2000kg. The index axis is in the range of 1500kg – 5000kg. The length of the part / fixture that can be connected is up to 5000mm.

spn k3 series

The ADMEX K3 positioners can be sized just like a Lego, and can even be easily changed later.
For example, you can make one wing 500 kg and the other wing 1000 kg. or you can connect a 2000mm piece / fixture to one wing and 5000mm piece / fixture to the other wing. Moreover, the strong main axis will not cause any problem with the difference in weight between the two wings.

All of our K3 series positioners offer our customers the best, efficient and economical working conditions with their rigid main axis and arm structure, high speed and repeatability and easy upgrade feature.

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