ADMEX SGS Series Gantry Robots

Machines that work on linear axes and have at least two programmable axes and can be assigned to more than one job are called gantry robots. The word gantry, which is an English word and has many meanings, has become a general term that names Cartesian robots with the meaning of “sled” and has now found its place in all languages.The term gantry robot is used more than the Cartesian robot term.

Although a machine must have at least 2 reprogrammable axes in order to be named a robot, today the term gantry robot is also used for single-axis systems.

If a machine is developed to do only one job, it cannot be defined as a robot even if it has many reprogrammed axes. For example, a CNC machine has more than 2 reprogrammable axes but is built for one purpose. Processing parts. So it is not a robot.

Gantry robots can be in capacities from a few grams to tons of weight and can work in a wide variety of work areas and conditions.

Main areas of use:

– Transport

– Assembly

– Deburring, Machining, Grinding

– Laser Cutting, Plasma Cutting, Waterjet Cutting

– Welding

– Quality Control, Inspection

– Painting

Gantry robots have some advantages over other robots thanks to their linear axis architecture.

– They can be produced with very long axis strokes. Thus, they offer a much larger workspace that cannot be achieved with other robots.

– They can be produced in very high (tons) capacities with the advantage of body structures and load distribution.

– They are the robots with the best positioning precision and repeatability values.

– Gantry robots carry other robots. In other words, an articulated robot can work like an additional limb of a gantry robot.

– They are the easiest robots to control and program.

These advantages have made gantry robots among the most used robots at every stage of our lives. However, it is very important to choose the right gantry robot depending on the application and operating conditions. The robot selection made without determining the needs exactly and analyzing the technical characteristics in detail may result in project failure. Even if the technical analysis is done correctly, it is very important that the selected product is sufficient to fully meet the needs.

We are in the age of Industry 4.0, and every day new robot suppliers are appearing all over the world. It should not be forgotten that every machine you buy, be it a robot, a loom or another machine, will be operated and delivered when it is first delivered to you. Otherwise, you won’t get it or pay for it anyway. However, the guarantee that this machine will operate without upsetting you for years, without disrupting your production, without maintenance or annoyance of your operators, and most importantly, without causing you to pay when you run more than you pay when you buy, is only about the reliability of that product. If it is the main business of the company you are purchasing, if it has the necessary and sufficient number of references, it guarantees all technical data, especially the life of the product, and presents you with a report, then you can make your investment with confidence. If even one of these is missing, please stay away.

ADMEX uses the world’s highest quality standard products in SGS Gantry Robots, as well as in all its products, welds all bodies with robots, and paints them with electrostatic powder paint. But the main quality lies beyond these. ADMEX has developed gantry robots with decades of experience, from ground adjustment to axis alignment, from rack combination to rail calibration, from gearbox assembly to lubrication system, create a gantry robot and performs each step with expert teams with full professionalism and wisdom. In each of these steps, there are many information and applications that only belong to ADMEX and ensure the reliability of the product when applied.

SGS series gantry robots ADMEX s basic gantry robot series;

It is divided into 4 different models.

SGS gantry robots, which are produced as standard with capacities from 150 kg to 700 kg, are produced up to 2500 kg carrying capacity according to special needs.

SGS series gantry robots, which are especially preferred in gas welding applications, are also used in sensitive applications such as laser cladding, laser and plasma cutting thanks to their best-in-class repeatability and rigidity.

The areas where SGS Series gantry robots are used are given below:

Machinery Industry:

  • CNC constructions
  • Pres constructions
  • Punch, laser, bending, cutting press constructions
  • Pump bodies
  • Pressure vessels
  • Saw constructions

Heavy Equipment Industry:

  • Boom and arm
  • Lower frame
  • Upper frame
  • Bucket
  • Hydraulic pistons
  • Cabinet
  • Concrete pump frames
  • Concrete pump vehicle chassis
  • Crane constructions
  • Tower crane frames

Logistics Industry:

  • Trailer body
  • Trailer lower frame
  • Damper
  • Train car bodies
  • Train bogies

Defense Industry:

  • Armor vehicle body
  • Tank bodies
  • Ship body and parts
  • Launching platforms
  • Rocket bodies
  • Rocket test systems
  • Army Unmanned Land Vehicle
  • Unmanned See Vehicle
  • Radar towers and pedestals

Energy Industry:

  • Windmile pedestals and frames
  • Power plant turbine and generators
  • Pomp bodies
  • Exchanger frames
  • Solar panel static and dynamic holders

Other Industries:

– All steel bodies, apparatus, brackets in the agricultural machinery industry:

– Crusher segments, feeding screws, extruding screws and all other metal constructions for mining.

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