giant gantry

ADMEX SGS-300-HD Gantry

IT IS A GIANT! We proudly present you the biggest Gantry system that ADMEX Advanced Motion Experts Technologies has ever produced.

ADMEX SGS-300-HD Gantry, 3-axis, 300 kg carrying capacity, X stroke 5 meter., Y stroke 3 meter. and the Z stroke is 3 meter 10 meter from floor to ceiling. with the largest in it’s class.

It is packaged for export to Germany to be used in welding applications in the heavy industry sector.

ADMEX’s advanced engineering and expertise has also turned into customer satisfaction in Germany.

Our positioners, and our other products Robot Linear Tracks and Gantry Systems. Turkey and the whole world DESBAŞ Istanbul Industry and Free Trade Zone within our R&D Application Center is sent to the customer site.

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