ADMEX SGP-300-HD Dual Pillar Gantry

ADMEX SGP-300-HD dual pillar gantry unit was delivered to Entra Robot Technologies to operate on the line to be installed for trailer production. Thank you Entra for choosing us.

Our SGP series pillar gantries are the most rigid and most sensitive pillar gantry units in their class, with 150kg, 300kg and 700kg carrying capacities, with different configurations between 1-16 axes.

The X-axis is made up of ADMEX’s unrivaled high precision and rigidity STN series track / sliders. Although the Y and Z axes have the same specifications as the SGS series, they are customized for the SGP series.

Our SGP series pillar gantries working with all robot brands will work with Fanuc robots in this project.

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