ADMEX Products for Welding Application

The Industry 4.0 revolution is rapidly changing the human-machine relationship all over the world. While human was the first factor that operated and managed machines in the early 2000s, today the human element is gradually shifting towards the point of only controlling and managing. While the term dark factory is becoming more popular every day, machines that operate and manage machines that employ people from people to people have now become part of the industry. Maybe we are far from the machines that manage humans, but with the advances in artificial intelligence, we know that this concept has become more realizable than science fiction.

Computational mechanization has forced the development of competencies that are differentiated in all industrial areas. Professions have also entered a rapid evolution. Completely new ones are born, existing ones are updated rapidly, and some professions are gradually disappearing. While one of the reasons for this rigid change is the technical requirements required by computational mechanization, another reason is the easy opportunities provided by the new generation job options and the lack of supply of labor in the heavy work area emptied by the work force shifting to these opportunities. The best example of this is the welding master, or simply the welders. There is a rapidly increasing shortage of welder in the world, especially in developed countries. He does not want to be a new generation welder. Since the average age of the welder is very high and new ones are not grown, this gap is increasing day by day. Taking place of robots in welding applications can only partially close this gap. The need for welder is still very high due to the increase in production speed, applications that are not fully possible to do with robots, and applications that require human-robot cooperation.

In the 2000s, it was predicted that laser welding would replace arc welding. Moreover, it was thought that this would happen in 20 years at the most. However, 20 years later, laser welding is still far from being an alternative to arc welding. Since there is no such prediction anymore, it would not be wrong to predict that investments in gas metal sources will continue to increase.

ADMEX brand positioner, slider and gantry products are used in all industrial areas and they are especially perfected for gas welding applications. A complete and holistic product range is offered, which allows to perform all stages from the assembly of welded parts to robotic welding, and this product range enables a unique flexible production infrastructure. ADMEX products are the most suitable products for preparing perfect production processes for parts produced with all-welded production, especially the products listed below.

Automotive Industry:

  • Rear axle,
  • Sub frame
  • Lowe control arm
  • Seat frames
  • Bumper holder
  • Pedal brackets
  • Body in White
  • Intercooler
  • Wheels
  • All other brackets and parts

Machinery Industry

  • CNC constructions
  • Pres constructions
  • Punch, laser, bending, cutting press constructions
  • Pump bodies
  • Pressure vessels
  • Saw constructions

Construction Equipment Industry:

  • Boom and arm
  • Lower frame
  • Upper frame
  • Bucket
  • Hydraulic pistons
  • Gas and oil tanks
  • Cabinet
  • Concrete pump frames
  • Concrete pump vehicle chassis
  • Crane constructions
  • Tower crane frames

Transport Industry:

  • Trailer body
  • Trailer lower frame
  • Axle
  • Damper
  • Hydraulic pistons
  • Train car bodies
  • Train bogies

Defense Industry:

  • Armor vehicle body
  • Armor plates
  • Tank bodies
  • Ship body and parts
  • Launching platforms
  • Rocket bodies
  • Rocket test systems
  • Army Unmanned Land Vehicle
  • Army Unmanned See Vehicle
  • Radar towers and pedestals

Furniture Industry

  • Seat frames
  • Sofa bed frames
  • Bed base frame
  • All other furniture frame

Energy Industry

  • Windmile pedestals and frames
  • Power plant turbine and generators
  • Pomp bodies
  • Exchanger frames
  • Solar panel static and dynamic holders

Other Industries

– All steel bodies, apparatus, brackets in the agricultural machinery industry:

– Crusher segments, feeding screws, extruding screws and all other metal constructions for mining

– Household appliances.

Our positioners, and our other products Robot Linear Tracks and Gantry Systems. Turkey and the whole world DESBAŞ Istanbul Industry and Free Trade Zone within our R&D Application Center is sent to the customer site.

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welding application kaynak uygulamaları