Gantry Specifications

SGS 700 HD family is developed for very big working envelope. 40m X, 3.5m Y and 3m Z strokes make it a huge gantry robot. Standard height can be up to 7 meters. Higher positioning is also possible.

Heavy Load Version has 700kg, Long Arm Version has 300kg payload. Depending on the type of your application, the required payload and the amount of axis movement, you can choose the type you want. The modular ADMEX structure allows to flexibly bring this giant gantry to life.

The cross-meshed ADMEX-specific cage structure, with its huge cross-section of 850mm x 500mm, makes the SGS-700-HD gantry a monument of rigidity and strength.

The X-axis version carries the largest robot series, such as the KUKA Fortech series, with high speed and repeatability.

It is unique for automotive body lines (Body in white) or handling very heavy workpieces.

Even the XY version carries robots up to 1750 kg and workpieces up to 200 kg. It allows transporting an 60 kg payload articulated robot with a Z capacity of 700 kg.


  • INA, HIWIN, SCHNEEBERGER, REXROTH Linear Guiding Systems.
  • Coated rollers, guideways and racks.
  • Auto lubrication.
  • Telescopic Z axes.
  • Limit switch option.
  • Zone switch.
  • Enclosed cable chain.
  • Robot integration.
  • Welding package carriages
  • Standard Service platform (ladder with side barriers)
  • Advanced service platform (stair with walking platforms)
  • Robot Control Unit Carriage
  • Special color of paint
  • Z axes safety break

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