Gantry Specifications


SGP-300-HD Series pillar gantries are biggest and strongest series of Admex pillar gantries. Up to 4 meter X (vertical arm) and 3 meter Z strokes are possible. 300kg payload makes it capable for special applications like twin wire welding, laser cutting, plasma cutting, flaming etc. beside of standard welding applications.

SGP-300-HD series has Z on the pillar version as well same as MD and LT versions. In case of the need of Z on the pillar version please contact with ADMEX. 

SGP-300-HD series pillar gantry robot is very siutable for very big and heavy part manufacturing either in weldnig application or in any other robotics aplications. 

Track chases, bus chases, construction machine frames, cranes, train bodies, ship and yatch bodies are some parts that has been produced with SGP-300-HD pillar gantry.


  • INA, HIWIN, SCHNEEBERGER, REXROTH Linear Guiding Systems.
  • Coated rollers, guideways and racks
  • Auto lubrication
  • Limit switch option
  • Zone switch’s
  • Enclosed cable chain
  • Robot integration
  • Welding package carriages
  • Robot Control Unit Carriage
  • Special color of paint
  • Z axes safety break
  • Standard Service platform (ladder with side barriers)
  • Z axes on the pillar

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