Gantry Specifications

SGP 200 LT series pillar gantries are suitable for standard welding application for small and medium size work part.

Max X arm length is 2meter and max Z stroke is 1,5m.

Max height from robot plates to floor is 3 meter. 200kg payload admits to use all standard welding robot under the 10kg payload.

SGP-200-LT is a modular gantry system that can be configured with the different axes configuration than given configuration. For example, only rotary version, rotary+z axes version, only Z axes version. 

Please contact with ADMEX in case of specific axes configration needs.


  • INA, HIWIN, SCHNEEBERGER, REXROTH Linear Guiding Systems.
  • Coated rollers, guideways and racks.
  • Auto lubrication.
  • Limit switch option.
  • Zone switch’s.
  • Enclosed cable chain.
  • Robot integration.
  • Welding package carriages.
  • Robot Control Unit Carriage.
  • Special color of paint.
  • Z axes safety break.

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