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Gantry Specifications

  • The SGB-300-OH family is a bridge gantry solution for smaller robots up to 700 kg weight including end effector, on the 3-axis version.
  • The bridge gantry is designed to be used in applications where you need a long X-stroke (up to 9m).
  • The gantry has new designed, low weight, high strength welded steel structure that make it possible to improve the performance drastically.
  • The design also makes it possible to manufacture this gantry to a low cost that will keep the price to customer low.
  • We are using state of art linear guiding systems and reduction gearboxes.
  • There is a wide working range It’s possible to use up to 3 robots on the same gantry system.
  • 1-3 axis options are available.
  • Wire barrel and welding unit carried on X axis body.
  • To reduce the max. height of the gantry, a Telescopic Z axis is optional.
  • ADMEX gantries integrated with all robot brands.

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